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Wiggle Mirrors

Wiggle Mirrors

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The perfect selfie mirror! Just the right size (11.5"x15.5") to snap a pic of that cute face. I offer a variety of colors and a couple variations on the wiggle.

Made of dense MDF which is cut with the CNC, then sealed. Then 2-3 coats of vibrant and fun paint applied!

Back has hanging hardware and my laser engraved branding. All you need is a screw or nail in the wall and you're ready to go!


We always use the highest quality hardwoods, you can cut on them! Just be mindful it may leave marks.


Most boards are 3/4" thick.

Care Instructions

To avoid warping or cracking:

Hand-wash with soap and water. Don't leave food on your board overnight. Dry by leaning it on it's side. Never put into dishwasher. Re-oil if it looks dried out.

Re-oiling will increase longevity. I recommend using Odie's oil, but you can use any food-safe finishing oil.

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