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"S" Thing

"S" Thing

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    Snack in style! By whatever name you know it: S thing, Super S, Stussy, Cool S, Pointy S, Superman S, Universal S, Middle school S.
  • Maple
  • Laser Engraved
  • 17.5"x9"


We always use the highest quality hardwoods, you can cut on them! Just be mindful it may leave marks.


Most boards are 3/4" thick.

Care Instructions

To avoid warping or cracking:

Hand-wash with soap and water. Don't leave food on your board overnight. Dry by leaning it on it's side. Never put into dishwasher. Re-oil if it looks dried out.

Re-oiling will increase longevity. I recommend using Odie's oil, but you can use any food-safe finishing oil.

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